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RFKeeper is a leading platform for retailers that provides real-time control & visibility into their supply chain – all the way from Source to Point of Sale, for both online and in-store operations.

RFKeeper’s IoT cloud-based platform is an easy-to-deploy solution, providing advanced capabilities that are must-haves in today’s competitive market to reduce costs, improve the customer experience, and increase sales.

RFKeeper’s solution brings the physical & virtual together into one layer and helps retailers bridge the technology gap to the future!

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Our Team
Haim Bar-On,
Haim brings vast Information Technology management and business experience to RFKeeper.
Over the last 17 years Haim has played a major role in promoting growth and success at various IT companies, using his wide range of skills in business development, sales, process improvement, and executive management.
As a sports enthusiast, Haim has completed numerous marathons & Ironman races.
Guy Hayo,
COO & Co-founder

Over the past 15 years Guy has managed channels and indirect sales at leading retail companies such as Nestle.

Zack Shrem,
VP Sales & Business Development

Zack is an MBA graduate with over 10 years of experience in international sales and business development. He leads sales and go-to-market strategy for RFKeeper worldwide.

Nir Cohen,

Nir is a BI specialist with global experience in designing and managing data warehouse and BI systems.
During the past 15 years, Nir has managed BI systems for leading Israeli communications companies, including management of architecture, design and development teams.
Nir also spearheaded a large scale BI project for a communications company in the Dominican Republic, which revolutionized their communications landscape.