RFKeeper Case Study

Jack Wills

The retailer will track all of the garments it sells within the 92 stores, which are located in the United Kingdom, the US and Australia.

The deployment—consisting of the LIGHTNING EPC ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID solution from RFKeeper and the UK-based OCS group — will monitor the overall inventory within each store as well as validate incoming and outgoing shipments. The system, which enables more accurate and automated replenishment, is deigned to boost sales.
The deployment follows a multi-phase pilot carried out at a total of twelve stores during the course of 18 months. According to Jack Wills, the pilot showed that the RFID technology raised Jack Wills’s inventory accuracy to 96%, while also significantly boosting sales due to improved omnichannel processes and web sales. The RFID technology increases store availability and shortens their response time to online sales.
The company considered multiple RFID vendors during a thorough bidding process before choosing RFKeeper, but found that the other solutions were too complex. RFKeeper’s ability to trial within 1 day, with no software integration (plug & play), while using and measuring all of the KPIs of RFID, was the right approach for Jack Wills.