Launching RFKeeper Europe

We’re excited to announce that we’ve officially launched RFKeeper Europe, and are moving into our brand new UK offices in London!

Led by our Managing Director Europe, Gary Tattersall, our newly assembled team of RFID specialists will be dedicated to bringing the latest, and most cutting-edge RFID solutions to European retailers, driven by the most advanced technology and methods emerging in the industry.

“We’re committed to empowering brands and retailers with the ability to increase revenues while reducing operational costs, by drastically enhancing their logistical efficiency and productivity across all steps in the supply chain, and ultimately leading to a deeper, omni-channel-based relationship with their customers.”

Gary Tattersall, Managing Director Europe @ RFKeeper

An ever-versatile extension of our team headquartered in Israel, our continuously expanding unit of RFID experts led by Gary, at launch consists of deeply experienced professionals in the field including Mark Berryman and Richard Heaton at the core.

Specializing in building strategic partnerships in the retail sector, our new Business Development Manager, Mark Berryman, has a wealth of experience in working closely with global brands such as Under Armour and Hugo Boss, advising them on RFID deployment and ensuring their successful implementation of the leading technology.

Having previously been the Head of European Workforce & Store Operations at Ralph Lauren, and more recently an RFID Business Development Consultant, Mark Berryman’s deep familiarity with the retail market and expertise in RFID adds infinite value to our ability to deploy the best RFID solutions for retailers.

“I joined RFKeeper because I wanted to be part of a fast-paced, rapidly growing company with a bright future, and to play an active, exciting role in their impact on the retail world.”

Mark Berryman, Business Development Manager @ RFKeeper


An exceptionally talented technical solutions architect with deep experience in RFID integration, Richard Heaton, our new Technical Sales Manager, was previously the Group Operations Systems Specialist within the Digital Innovations team at globally recognized machinery brand JCB, serving as an essential component of the company’s growth in emerging innovative categories.

Engaging with key stakeholders and business units, Richard Heaton operated as JCB’s group RFID lead, conceptualising and designing solutions to capture critical business data, transforming the methods with which analysis and reporting were performed, as well as interfaced, with intelligence-driven, dashboard-based presentation.

“I joined RFKeeper in order to belong to a cutting-edge team at the very forefront of RFID, within a passionate, class-leading company making our imprint on the world of retail by equipping brands for the future of shopping and supply.”

Richard Heaton, Technical Sales Manager @ RFKeeper

We’re thrilled to share the launch of our UK-based team in Europe, and are excited to establish many more partnerships with brands and retailers in Europe, delivering our best-in-class RFID solutions enabling companies to stay ahead of the curve.