Our Solution

The Platform

With an emphasis on practicality, our platform is built with the purpose of dramatically strengthening your operational efficiency by refining and digitizing your supply chain.

Cloud-based and data-driven, the RFKeeper platform improves the speed and quality of your supply chain by providing a network of end-to-end features that manage every operational detail between item production and point of sale.

The Features

Cutting Edge RFID System

Using the latest Radio Frequency Identification technology, we keep track of the precise location and condition of each and every inventory item, at all given times.

From manufacturing and packaging, to shipment and distribution channels to stores, our RFID system monitors and accelerates every step of the supply chain process, including the product life cycle within the store until the sale.

Real-Time Data Collection & Analysis

Our RFID system is built to collect and analyze all relevant data figures in real-time, in order to measure and optimize your performance within all retail-related activities, including in-store.

Our data collection mechanisms reveal rarely accessible insight, providing opportunities to transcend verticals such as item delivery and distribution, in-store item location and positioning, fitting rooms, in-store advertisements and more.

Real-Time Dashboard Display & Active Management

Our dashboard displays actively updated data categories on a well-organized interface, specially designed for your convenience.

The dashboard allows your retail teams to actively manage all aspects of the supply chain for the constant improvement of your performance metrics.

Combined In-Store & Online Tactics

With our top-end RFID system and personalized omni-channel retail strategies, we leverage the infinite power of IoT to transform your shopping locations into Smartstores.

Opening the doorway into a world of normally-hidden in-store activity details, we harness online product and customer-related attributes to vastly optimize and tailor your brand’s in-store approach to the needs and preferences of your shoppers.

Relevance-Based Team Communication

Creating a task-focused connection between teams, we allow for a significant reduction in time spent on retail-oriented tasks by guiding and improving the coordination between teams to promptly complete depended-upon roles.


The Benefits

Greater Inventory Accuracy
Ensure the whereabouts of each inventory item in every stage of the supply chain, up until the sale.
Omni-Channel Shopping Experience
Give your customers the freedom to shop in their preferred manner while receiving a fulfilling brand interaction (such as Click & Collect).
Logistics & Management
Achieve logistical excellence by leveraging your stores as fulfillment centers for online order deliveries, taking advantage of unsold stock and location-based practicality.
Heightened Team Synchronization & Performance
Automate team performance and task completion while never over or under-employing locations, by best positioning teams.
Smarter Decision Making
Utilize your active dashboard and data insights to implement performance enhancing decisions.
Elevated In-Store Brand Experience
Craft your in-store journey to the delight of the shopper, creating a tailored, engaging experience followed by an innovatively comfortable seamless checkout procedure.
Digitalization of Retail Operations
Enjoy an all-in-one platform serving as your end-to-end solution for dramatically improved all-around performance.

The Results

Throughout our experience, retailers have seen tremendous upside once partnering with RFKeeper, averaging:
2%-7% Increase
Sales (In-Store & Online)
10%-20% Increase
Stock Saving
Up to 50% Decrease
Shrinkage Reduction
Shipping Validation Accuracy
Sales Floor Stock Accuracy
From 75% to 99%
Inventory Accuracy

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